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Everything about this record was a disaster. It is the product of member changes and high anxiety. I poured myself into this record, it was therapeutic at times and sometimes it was the bane of my existence. We're proud of how in turned out and I hope you can relate to it on some level.


released October 21, 2016

Written and performed by Pass the Flask.
Recorded by Aric Ficek.
Artwork by Jon Mayo.
Released on See You Never Records and 9th Circle Music.



all rights reserved


Pass the Flask Fargo, North Dakota

Punk Rock. Beer. Satan.

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Track Name: Waves
As the black waves
Crashed and pulled
And dragged me into
A sinking hole
I took a look at my life
Realized all I lost in strife

I'll never be the success they want
A failure amongst the many lost
I sip my way to an early grave
Numbing out the end of every day

It's hard to to tell who I am as of late
I can't concentrate
On what will make me an adult
I doubt I'm growing up

As those waves turned in an ugly shade of grey
They buried me
That's when I woke in a hospital bed
Getting stitches in my head

I've fucked up before
And I'll probably do it again
I've fucked up before
And I promise I'll do it again
Track Name: I'd Rather Drink Alone
The world tears me down everyday
I don't need anyone to do that for me
Drowning everyone in your own misery
It's your game and you play it so well

You used to be someone I'd confide in
Now I don't like who you are
So perfectly twisted you can twist
Anything to be about you

Seeing you gives me anxiety
I need some room to breathe
I'd rather drink alone than in your company
So this one, this one's to
Seeing you never

Everyone around you bites their tongue
Being a bully must be fun
This breathe I waste feels like another mistake
I could never say this to your face

Seeing you gives me anxiety
I need some room to breathe
I'd rather drink alone than in your company
So this one, this one's to
Seeing you never
Track Name: Snakes
How do you expect respect from the few? Changed but you never grew
What is your intent? is it real?
Do you assume or do you shame?
Where is your ambition? Has it gone away? Did the world lead you astray? Somewhere between the lock and the load, you lost your fire, your steel.

You sit upon your self appointed throne and judge,
Poisoning your scene.
With no regret
You disrespect those who actually care, playing on insecurities.

Remember when you gave a shit?

How do you expect this to thrive when you tear everyone down
Mockery is a venom and you're the snake.

I hope I never become so jaded that I play just for the free beer.
The ability to create
Is something beautiful, and I'm sorry that you lost faith

Your ego is fucked.

What gives you the right to make us feel less
The difference is that you already gave up and we never did.

Mockery is a venom and you are the fucking snake.
Track Name: Windsor Diets
I spend all my money at these god damn bars
I'm broke, I can't catch up, Drowning because of what I lack

And this tour can't come quick enough. I'll run away and finally feel something again.

I need another to face this summer
Just like my luck, my courage is running out

The day-to-day is getting to be too much
These waves have gotten taller
I am completely fucked

Windsor diets numb away these thoughts
The constant fear of being a failure
I'm so lost

It numbs away the past
Helps me forget everything I gave up on and the life I had

I keep telling myself lies
I keep saying things are fine
This anxiety
Brings out the worst in me
Buried by these waves
I sink to my grave
Numb from the pain
Track Name: Run Away
My imagination tends to frighten me.
My emotions turns me into someone that I'm hate
I'd like to say I did my best
But I was a wreck
Those days wore you down.
When spring came I thought,
That things would fucking change.

Now we both know the weather was never to blame, I am a disaster, destroying everyrhing.
I am sorry. Sorry my friend.
That I made our lives this way.
Things will change.

I need to get away.
leave this city for just one day.
This town's become too small
I know everyone and I hate them all

I want to run away.
Leave this place for somewhere much less safe
I miss those long drives
Staying up to watch the sun rise
My eyes heavy with dreams,
The Midwest forever haunts me.


I don't know what I'm doing with my life
I just keep getting fucked up all the time
The road calls my name by day
but when the sun goes down I need you here with me.

Will you run away from me.
Or will you run away with me.